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Stagecoach West Scotland Ayrshire, Arran and Glasgow Fare Revision 2019

Stagecoach issued the Following information

From 05th May 2019, Stagecoach West Scotland single bus fares will increase by 10p as we look to improve and upgrade our services.  All other fares including returns, dayrider and megarider bus tickets across our Ayrshire, Arran and Glasgow networks will remain at their current prices.

Stagecoach operate a fleet of 395 buses and have made major investment introducing new buses in local areas, all of which are fully accessible and meet the latest Euro emission standards.  During 2018 further investment was made to introduce contactless payment systems throughout West Scotland. 

We want to provide customers with the best value travel we can while also ensuring we are able to continue operating a stable bus network over the longer term. 

We do our absolute best to keep prices as low as possible as we continue to face rising costs and reduced public sector investment in buses. 

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