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Station Hotel Report Suggests It Will Cost £9.9m to Repair the Building

The new report, released yesterday has revealed millions of pounds is required to fix the abandoned Ayr Station Hotel.

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South Ayrshire Council bosses are told it will cost £9,995,312 to repair the building.

In a structural report issued in September of 2019 - engineers picked out over just over a 1000 problems.

£7.2 million was estimated for the building works, with £1 million being spent on professional design teams and another £1.6 million for risk allowances.

With no communication from the owner of the hotel, the council was left with no choice but to step in and ensure the building wasn't causing risk to the public. The train stations old ticketing office and barrier entrance lie empty and a temporary ticket office constructed further up in the Car Park of the station hotel as it was deemed unsafe to operate directly below the hotel.

You can view the full report here: http://bit.ly/33eNJgf

Ayr Station entrance lies empty

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