Street Pastors set to keep Ayrshire party people safe

Street Pastors are set to be on force this Christmas season in Ayr and Prestwick as they aim to keep Party Goers safe.

The newly formes Street Pators will be working together with Ayrshire Police to make sure you are safe in both Ayr and Prestwick on Friday & Saturday nights.

Training is underway for them as they will be working on making sure everyone get's home safely, and clearing up broken glass from the Town Centre's.

They will be out for the first time on Saturday the 5th of December, they will set up a 'Safe Area' which they call The Inn, and it will be set up in the Holy Trinity church in Ayr.

Ayr Inspector Craig Feroz said: “We are delighted to be involved in the fastest ever set up of a pastor scheme in Scotland. The Inn will have the council’s community safety staff, St Andrews Ambulance, the pastors and ourselves.This will be a safe festive zone where people can come to get assistance or maybe a cup of coffee to heat them up. It will operate every Saturday night in December.”

Stay safe this Christmas.

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