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Tent stolen from Doonfoot area by TWO women pretending to be council workers

Anya Rae posted the following appeal after the theft on Facebook

Doonfoot folk please share .

My tent was stolen from the field by Greenan castle tonight around 7pm , Tuesday 24th July . It is a blue Berghaus inflatable tent and very distinctive .

My son left it unattended for 2 hours and apparently 2 elderly well spoken women ( one with glasses) turned up in a blue car with a black spaniel and said they were from the council and took it . They left the sleeping bags etc by the bin in car park . This was a £600 tent and I am totally gutted . Any info please PM me , police have been informed. The photo below was taken in the afternoon .

councillor Siobhian Brown posted the following update after discovering 2 well dressed woman pretended to be SAC and removed the £600 tent and disposed of the tent and camping goods.

Further to the post last night. It has been confirmed that the two well dressed ladies who claimed to represent the Council do not represent the South Ayrshire Council nor Alloway and Doonfoot Community Council. This sign that appeared today is also not from SAC nor Alloway Doonfoot Community Council.

These ladies took it upon themselves to confiscate this £600 tent and dispose of camping equipment.

This tent was pitched by local young lads enjoying the school holidays.

This is not legal and is theft.

In my ideal world, I would love a pedestrian crossing outside my house for my children to cross safely any time they wished, but I am not going to go and buy some white paint and paint one outside my house!!!

You cannot take the law into your own hands and this is unacceptable.

Please be in touch with police or if you can shed some light on the disappearance of this tent. I have also been advised that this has happened previously in same area.

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