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Tesco introduces new signs on disabled toilets to recognise ‘invisible’ illnesses

'NOT EVERY DISABILITY IS VISIBLE' Tesco introduces new signs on disabled toilets to recognise ‘invisible’ illnesses across the Ayrshire. 

The new signs include a man, woman and a person in a wheelchair

The change will see symbols for a man and a woman added to the door of disabled toilets in 700 stores including all Ayrshire stores in an attempt to tackle the stigma of people without a visible disability using the facilities.

Tesco is set to change the signs on their disabled toilets to be more inclusive to those with an invisible illness

So far, about 20 stores have made the change with the supermarket giant the second to take action, behind Morrisons.

Dan McLean of Crohn’s & Colitis UK foundation said: 

“This announcement is a great step by Tesco towards reducing stigma and raising awareness that not every disability is visible and everyone is grateful to them for making this change.

“People living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease can be very disadvantaged by the impact of their condition.”

Tesco has made the change after a campaign run by Crohn’s and Colitis UK

He added: “They may not look unwell but are often profoundly affected by debilitating and unseen symptoms that affect all aspects of their lives.

“The experience or fear of unpredictable incontinence is very undermining to a person’s confidence and self-esteem and can lead in some cases to the person affected becoming too anxious to leave their home.”

The foundation has been running a campaign to have stores change the toilet signs, with 19,000 emails sent to the top supermarkets in five months.

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