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Thief posing as plumber stole pensioners handbags in Tarbolton

A THIEF who was posing as a plumber conned an elderly lady into thinking that he was at her house to fix a burst pipe from next door and that he needed access to her house to resolve the issue.

The supposed plumber had conned his way into the elderly women's house in Tarbolton around 1PM yesterday afternoon (8th Dec 2015).

Her son commented on Facebook: "He asked her to watch the kitchen taps to see if the water got discoloured, then stole two handbags with her buss pass, bank cards, and cash in them.

"The good news is, her description of him matched other witnesses descriptions who seen him run down the road."

It is believed that recently doors and windows have been tried in the Mossblown, Tarbolton and Annbank area.

If you see or know of anything suspicious please call the police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Our advice is to lock all doors and windows at all times.

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