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Time is running out! have your say about the A719 Dunure Road 30mph Speed Limit Extension

(Ayrshire Roads Alliance) A Partnership between East Ayrshire Council and South Ayrshire Council as partner Local Authorities for the Ayrshire Local Plan District, advise that notice is hereby given that the Council proposes to make the above named Traffic Regulation Order that would extend the 30mph speed limit currently terminating just south of the Browncarrick Drive, Dunure Road, Cumbrae Drive roundabout by 237 metres.

The restriction would be supported by a red contrasting gateway feature and painted 30 roundels as a visual deterrent to aid enforcement.

Full details, a map and statement of reasons for proposing to make this Traffic Regulation Order, are available below:

A719 Dunure Road 30mph Extension - Full Details

A719 Dunure Road 30mph Extension - Map

A719 Dunure Road 30mph Extension - Statement of Reasons

Alternatively these documents can be viewed at the following Council office during the opening hours stated:-

South Ayrshire Council

Burns House,

Burns Statue Square,



Mon-Thu 8:45pm - 4:45pm

Fri 8:45am - 4:00pm.

Have your say

Objectors must state their reasons in writing to: Head of Roads - Ayrshire Roads Alliance at the undernoted address by 15th September 2017

Head of Roads

Ayrshire Roads Alliance

The Johnnie Walker Bond,

15 Strand Street,




Ayrshire Roads Alliance

The Johnnie Walker Bond

15 Strand Street



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