Troon Primary School dominates in South Ayrshire maths contest

Troon Primary School delivered a strong win in the 2018 South Ayrshire Maths Contest, organised by Edinburgh-based education technology company Sumdog. The school saw two classes placing in the top five, and eight out of ten of the top individual students in the regional competition. Commencing on the 16th March, the week-long contest saw 1028 pupils from 71 classes at 22 schools in South Ayrshire competing to win a coveted trophy and the title of South Ayrshire Sumdog maths champions 2018.

The pupils worked individually in their class groups to answer up to 1000 maths questions each over the duration of the contest using Sumdog's innovative online learning system.

The questions were customised to each pupil's level of ability based on an initial assessment. Over 330,000 maths questions were answered during the week-long contest.

Primary 5A from Troon Primary School, located in the heart of Troon on the South Ayrshire coast, emerged as champions with a winning score of 922 correct answers. A class of Primary 4 students at Troon Primary School placed third.

The highest individual score for the regional competition was achieved by pupil Aimee from the winning class at Troon Primary School, who correctly answered an impressive 989 questions out of 1000. Remarkably, five of her P5 classmates also placed in the top 10, as did two P4 students from Troon Primary School.

Presenting the Troon Primary School pupils with their winning trophy on 20th April, Councillor William Grant, Lifelong Learning Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said: "South Ayrshire Council is committed to ensuring that children and young people have every opportunity to succeed. As part of this approach we are using innovative teaching methods in our schools to improve learning and tackle the attainment gap.

"We will continue to harness the expertise of providers like Sumdog to help achieve this ambition. Their maths contest has been a big success with 22 of our schools taking part. The competition proves that learning which is interactive, engaging and fun is very effective and I'm sure we'll build on this success going forward. I would like to congratulate all the children and young people for all their hard work - they are all winners."

Sumdog, a highly-engaging learning and intervention numeracy platform which aims to close the poverty-related attainment gap, is now used in 70% of all schools in Scotland.

Sumdog CEO Andrew Hall said: "We're delighted to have had so many schools from across South Ayrshire compete in the contest. On behalf of everyone at Sumdog, I'd like to express my huge congratulations to all

Primary 5 pupils at Troon Primary School on becoming the South Ayrshire Maths Contest champions.

"Digital technology is becoming an increasingly important and powerful tool for teachers and pupils in the classroom. Used properly, we believe it can make a real and meaningful contribution towards encouraging learning and improving attainment.

"We're very grateful to all schools who took part for their efforts and for making the contest such a great success. I would also like to thank Councillor William Grant from South Ayrshire Council for taking the time to visit Troon Primary to present the trophy."

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