Troon's Golden City Chinese starts 'Chinese Munchy Box' craze!

A chinese in Troon named Golden City has joined in on the latest craze by adding the 'Chinese Munchy Box' to the menu.

It's not just any Chinese munchy box, it's a LARGE one - all for the price of £12 and this gets you a variety of Chinese food all in the one box.

10 onion rings, 8 chicken balls, 6 ribs, 8 veg spring rolls, 8 large pieces of shredded chicken, fried rice, chips and any sauce of your choice......oh....and we cannot forget to mention the FREE can of juice.

Just how easy is it to get to this amazing takeaway? well CLICK HERE on your mobile device or laptop and it will give you them all important directions.

One comment on the takeaway's Facebook page says "Omg!!! We defo need these in London! Xx"

We have spotted other Chinese takeaway's in Ayrshire clarifying that they won't be doing the Chinese Munchy Box.

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