Two men arrested after bogus caller incident in North Ayrshire

Police in North Ayrshire have arrested two men following alleged bogus caller incidents in the Largs and Kilwinning areas. The two men, aged 22 and 30, were arrested on Wednesday 8th June 2016 and held in custody to appear at Court.

Chief Inspector Brian Shaw, Area Commander for North Ayrshire, commented "following reports of these incidents my Priority Policing Team were deployed to investigate and identify those responsible.

"These types of Crime are particularly concerning as it is often vulnerable and elderly people that are targeted. "We are determined to target any individual involved in committing doorstep crime and would encourage local communities to remain vigilant."

Police have issued the following advice to residents:

- Keep front and back doors locked.

- Use the door viewer or nearby window when answering the door.

- Fit a door chain or bar – and use it.

- Only let callers in if they have an appointment and you have confirmed they are genuine.

- Always ask for identification badges of anyone you answer the door to, but don’t rely on them. ID’s can be faked.

- If you don’t know the person who is calling, and you’re not expecting them, don’t let them in.

- If you have a password with a company make sure the caller uses it.

- Never let people try to persuade you to let them into your home. If someone is persistent, ask them to call at another time and arrange for a friend or family member to be with you.

- Never agree to pay for goods or give money to strangers who arrive at your door.

- Don’t keep large amounts of money in your home.

- Look out for others in your community, and report any suspicious activity immediately to Police Scotland on 101, or your local authority Trading Standards

- If the person refuses to leave your door, or you feel threatened or scared

- Call 999 and ask for the police Remember, it’s your home.

There’s no reason why anyone should ever enter your home against your wishes - if in doubt, keep them out!

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