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Van packed with 'Gas Canisters' caused bomb alert at Prestwick Airport

A full scaled emergency had taking place after Security at Prestwick Airport picked up an Airport worker on CCTV, leaving his van parked close to the runway, which was packed with Gas Canisters.

The man who worked at the Airport was seen on control room's CCTV checking the canisters before ending his shift on Saturday the 21st of November.

It is believed that he parked the work vehicle and trailer at 8pm next to an industrial unit in McIntyre Road just next to the Airport.

Airport Security who feared a 'Terrorist Attack' called emergency services to the scene and it was very quickly turned into a full scale bomb alert.

The airport and surrounding areas where on lockdown and closed off while a hunt for the driver was launched.

The driver of the Airport work vehicle was traced around 3 hours later and was completely 'unaware' of the fuss his parking of the van caused.

The man told the police that he had parked the vehicle and equipment used for tarmacing to make 'an early start' in the morning.

"A full emergency response was from Police and Fire and Rescue services"

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