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Vandal targets Dalry War Memorial

The £17,000 improvement works to restore the Dalry War Memorial will continue – despite the best efforts of an overnight vandal.

North Ayrshire Council today (Wednesday) say they are furious and disappointed after attempts were made to try and access the site and potentially cause damage to much-loved structure.

Contractors Graciela Ainsworth – specialists in sculpture restoration – say that someone used an adjustable spanner to open the Heras Fencing and then climbed the scaffold.

It is thought it could have happened on Monday or Tuesday night.

They then sliced part of the weather protection surrounding the memorial but were unable to damage the memorial itself.

Police Scotland has been notified about the incident and investigations are ongoing.

 The Council and Graciela Ainsworth say they will increase security of the site to ward off any future vandalism attempts.

 Councillor Jim Montgomerie, Cabinet Member for Place, said:

“Any act of vandalism is mindless but this is another level altogether.  What would possess anyone to do this to a memorial that recognises the brave servicemen and servicewomen who fought so valiantly for their country?

“Thankfully, the memorial has not been touched. Perhaps someone scared them off before they could do any real damage but it is clear the intention was there.

“We will be keeping a close eye on this and will be putting extra measures in place.

“We hope that once work is complete, without any further issues, residents will be pleased to see this landmark restored to its original glory.”

Refurbishment work to the memorial includes cleaning and repointing of stonework; cleaning, treatment and repatination of all bronzework including application of protective wax.

 Special care will be taken in the restoration process to preserve the existing design of the memorial.

 If you have any information, please contact Police Scotland on 101.

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