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WEATHER: Met-Office issues "Danger to life warning" as thunderstorms head for some parts of Ayrshire

Heavy thundery rainfall, especially on Monday, may lead to flooding, serious travel disruption and danger to life.

What to expect

- There is a small chance that fast flowing or deep floodwater could suddenly occur, bringing a danger to life and extensive flooding of homes and businesses.

- There is a slight chance of damage to buildings/structures from lightning strikes, hail, or strong winds.

- If flooding occurs, road closures are likely, with long delays and cancellations to bus and rail services are possible.

- There is small chance that spray, sudden flooding, standing water and/or hail will result in rapidly changing, dangerous driving conditions.

- There is a slight chance power and other essential services, such as gas, water or mobile phone service will be lost There is a small chance communities may be cut off.

Heavy, and at times thundery rain is expected to affect southern Scotland from late Sunday, then move northwards across central and eastern Scotland through Monday. In many locations 25-50mm of rain may fall in a 12-18 hour period, with peaks in excess of 100mm possible over high ground.

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