What does a leave or remain vote mean for the UK?

what does each result mean and what are the consequences of each decision and scenario

What if the UK votes to leave the EU?

> The £ is likely to take a tumble as markets shift as a reaction to the vote

> The markets and stock exchange are likely to take a major blow although as trade irons out these should sort there self out fairly quickly

> We wont have to pay and EU membership fee saving millions of pounds although we will loose all EU benefits fairly quickly

> We will no longer be a member of the EU

> According to some business leaders there is a possibility of a resection although there isn't any hard info to back this up

What if the UK votes to remain in the EU?

> Well everything will stay the same as now but there will be a few changes

> A new deal will be made as planned by David Cameron on our EU benefits

> We will remain a member of the EU

> David camerons future as prime minister may be questioned

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