White Christmas might be on the cards for some parts of SCOTLAND but this week could be ‘colder than

SPECULATION about whether snow will fall on Christmas Day has already begun and there may be some good news on the horizon.

In its latest predictions posted this weekend, the Met Office says there is a chance snow could fall in the UK on the big day.

The Met Office has said there is a chance snow could fall in the UK on Christmas Day

Temperatures dropped in rural Ayrshire but could a white Christmas be on the cards?

The latest long range forecast states:

“High pressure is likely to dominate from mid December, with fairly ‘blocked’ conditions becoming established across the UK.

“This weather pattern would lead to drier than average conditions and lighter winds. Interludes of more unsettled weather are expected to be fairly limited, although these could still lead to some snow over high ground in the north.

“It is likely to be rather a cold period, with temperatures below average for the time of year, and a continued risk of overnight frosts.”

The festive news comes as other forecasters predict Britain is about to turn colder than Iceland.

Forecaster Mark Wilson said temperatures in the south will drop to around -5C (23F) overnight this week although there is a chance they could fall lower.

“It is going to be a cold start to the week across the UK with the risk of widespread frosts overnight into Tuesday.

“As we go through the week it will turn colder and we could see the coldest night of the autumn so far across England and Wales.

“However it will be colder in the south under clearer skies while cloud cover elsewhere will keep temperatures slightly higher.

“There will be some fine sunny days ahead but overnight it is going to turn much colder as we head into the start of winter.”

Thermometers dipped to -12.1C (10.22F) in Braemar, Scotland, last week with with lows of almost -7C (19.4F) around England and Wales.

Britain is likely to feel colder than parts of Iceland with temperatures in Reykjavik forecast to stay above freezing over the next few days.

East and South Ayrshire looking frosty over the weekend

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