X77 and X76 Timetable Change Announced

Info below via Stagecoach bus website and correct at time of publication...

Stagecoach West Scotland continually monitor services to ensure that the appropriate level of resource and vehicles are operating.   In December 2016 we introduced a fleet of new coaches to operate on the X76 service between Cumnock and Glasgow.

During the first year of service we continually analysed the volume of customers travelling to and from Glasgow from Cumnock.  We noted that less than 5.8% of all customer journeys on the X76 started at any point before Kilmarnock towards Glasgow and ended at any point after Kilmarnock from Glasgow. 

This means less than 1 in 17 of our customers use the X76 to travel from South of Kilmarnock towards Glasgow Road, Kilmarnock or onward to Glasgow.  

We’ve also received continued feedback from customers who use the X76 to travel wholly within the Kilmarnock to Cumnock corridor, those including those using the service for shorter journeys, that the coach is not always practical for them, particularly for those with mobility issues, wheelchair users, those with push-chairs and shoppers and that a low floor service bus would be more suitable for the majority of customers. 

We will continue to offer through tickets to customers travelling between Cumnock and Glasgow to ensure that customers are not paying more for the service, however from 12th August 2018 those wishing to travel from South of Kilmarnock to North of Kilmarnock and vice versa will have to change bus at Kilmarnock Bus Station. 

There will be a new service 76 and 50 operating between Murkirk, Lugar, Logan, New Cumnock, Cumnock, Auchinleck, Backrogerton, Catrine, Sorn, Mauchline, Crosshands, Crossroads, Hulford, Crookedholm and London Road, Culzean Crescent including Kilmarnock College and Bus Station from 12th August 2018 onwards for customers travelling to and from Kilmarnock. 

This change will better meet the needs of the majority of our customers, in line with feedback and recorded customer journeys and it will allow us to continue to provide a 30 minute frequency between Cumnock and Kilmarnock during the day.

Simply click on the links below to view or download your timetable. 

Please note that these new services will apply from 12th August 2018 onwards. 

X76 Timetable from August 12th

X77 Timetable from August 12th

50/76 Timetable from August 12th

X44/X76/X79 timetable from August 12th

There is also a minor alteration to the early morning X78 service from Troon Templehill on the Service 10 timetable.

10 Timetable from August 12th

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