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Yellow warning for Wind issued for parts of Ayrshire TONIGHT!

21:00 on Monday until 06:00 on Tuesday

Northeasterly winds will strengthen on Monday evening. Gusts of 50 to 60 mph are likely in places overnight, perhaps 70 mph over hill tops and very locally to the southwest of hills. This will be combined with persistent and often heavy rain across the Lothians and Borders. Whilst these sorts of wind speeds are not usual, the direction is less common, so be aware of the potential for some minor disruption to transport and difficult driving conditions. Winds then steadily moderating on Tuesday.

Chief Forecaster's assessment

A depression moving northeastwards across England will cause winds on its northern flank to strengthen on Monday evening and night. There is some uncertainty over peak wind strength and not everywhere will see gales. The most likely areas for disruptive winds are exposed parts of the Borders, the Solway Firth, as well as parts of Cumbria to the southwest of high ground.

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  • Ayrshire Daily News
  • Ayrshire Daily News