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Yellow warning of snow and ice issued for Ayrshire

A yellow warning for Snow and Ice has been issued across Ayrshire from this evening and is valid until tomorrow (boxing day)...

19:00 on Monday until 11:00 on Tuesday

Turning colder: ice risk, with snow for a few areas. Rain will turn to sleet and snow in parts of southern, central and eastern Scotland this evening, as well as the north Pennines, with further wintry showers in places overnight.

So a cover of snow in places, chiefly over high ground (0-2 cm over some low ground, 2-5 cm above 200 m elevation and perhaps 10 cm on the highest routes).

Ice is looking to become more widespread later as skies begin to clear into Boxing Day.

Some roads and railways may be affected by longer journey times, with icy surfaces leading to the possibility of slips and falls on roads, pavements and cycle paths.

Chief Forecaster's assessment

As winds swing into the northwest, we return to a more seasonal mix of sleet, snow and ice tonight.

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