Your handy guide for travelling around Ayrshire this summer

The sunshine is out and temperatures are rising but if your just a visitor to Ayrshire or looking to explore what Ayrshire has to offer then we have put together a full handy guide that helps you travel smoothly and quickly to Ayrshire's most popular destinations.

Travelling to Largs?

Travelling to Largs is quick and easy from across Ayrshire and Glasgow, Trains run directly every 30 minutes from Glasgow straight into the heart of Largs town centre. The Train to Largs also calls at Dalry, Kilwinning, Saltcoats and Ardrossan linking each town directly with Largs.

If your travelling from Ayr you can catch the Stagecoach service 585 every 30 minutes from Ayr bus station calling at Prestwick and Irvine linking both towns directly to Largs.

If your travelling by car you can take the M8 from Glasgow the A78 via Greenock to Largs or from Southern end of Ayrshire take the A78 from Prestwick passed Irvine to Largs.

Travelling to Ayr?

Travelling to Ayr has never been easier if your travelling from Glasgow you can catch a train every 20 minutes to Ayr or the Stagecoach Bus X77 service from Glasgow directly to Ayr every 30 minutes you can also catch the Service X16 from Kilmarnock directly to Ayr every 30 minutes, Most trains also call at Paisley, Kilwinning, Irvine, Troon and Prestwick for easy links to Ayr and Ayr Beach.

If your travelling by car then the A77 brings you directly to Ayr from Glasgow and also from Stranraer.

Travelling to Kilmarnock?

Travelling to Kilmarnock is simple and easy, you can catch the Stagecoach X76 bus service every 20 minutes from Glasgow or the Train from Glasgow Central.

If your travelling from the Ayr side you can catch the X16 or Number 4 giving a connection every 15 minutes to Kilmarnock and from Cumnock you can catch Bus services 50 or 76.

If your travelling by car then take the A77 from Ayr or Glasgow and A76 from Cumnock will link you directly to Kilmarnock.

Travelling to Girvan?

Travelling to Girvan is also also easy, You can catch a train to Stranraer from Glasgow Central that calls via Girvan or from Ayr you can catch Stagecoach Bus services 58 or 60 to Girvan from Ayr bus station.

If your travelling by car from Glasgow or Ayr then Girvan is linked by the A77 taking you into the heart of Girvan and beyond!

Travelling to Irvine?

Travelling to Irvine is very quick and simple, With bus links via the Number 11 every 15 minutes from Kilmarnock or Stagecoach bus services 14 and 585 from Ayr every 30 minutes travelling to Irvine is quick and easy.

You can also catch the train from Glasgow or Ayr every 20 minutes with all services stopping at Irvine and if your travelling by car you can take the A78 from Ayr and the M8 then A78 from Glasgow to Irvine.

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