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A Century of Fun: The Easter Fair Returns to Craigie Park

This April, a tradition that has made Ayr families smile for over 100 years is coming back. The Easter Funfair, known for its joy and bringing people together, will be at Craigie Park, thanks to Billy Hammond and the fair is being advertised and promoted by Dave Bear Entertainments.

Photo: Dave Bear Entertainments

Billy is carrying on the Family Tradition started by his great Grandparents Frank and Lucy Codona. Billy took over the running of the Fair on the old Churchill Barracks Site after the passing of his Grandad Frank in 1987, keeping the fair full of fun and introducing new rides suitable for all the Family to this day.

The fair used to be behind Ayr Baths until 1998. Then, they had to move because of new buildings being put up. Finding a new place was tough, but now, the Hammond family is happy to say the fair is back in Ayr.

From Thursday, 4th April, to Sunday, 14th April, Craigie Park will be filled with rides and games for all ages. It's not just a fair; it's a tradition that brings the whole community together, making great memories and bringing happiness to everyone.

Making sure everyone is safe and happy is very important to the people running the fair. There's free parking, food to buy, and clean toilets, so families can just have fun.

David Moore from Dave Bear Entertainments is really excited for the fair to be back. He said it's a big part of Ayr's history and a way to remember the joy that Frank Codona brought to the town. It also shows the hard work and love Billy Hammond and his family have for keeping the fair going.

The Easter Fair is ready to welcome everyone again, showing the simple joys that bring us together. So, make sure you come to Craigie Park this April to experience the magic of the Easter Fair, a tradition of fun, family, and community that has lasted for more than a century.


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