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A dramatic election comes to close

Ayrshire's dramatic night at the elections as SNP gain a majority of Ayrshire!

Ayrshire watched at the edge of their seat as the closest result come to light between Conservatives and SNP with around 1,000 votes of a difference.

SNP took Carrick, Cumnock and doon valley and also claimed East Ayrshire and Irvine areas along with Cunninghame North. while John scott from the conservatives party claimed the Ayr constituency with a majority of 700 votes.

Turnout numbers were also higher than 2011 with Ayr seeing a 61.28% turn out up 7% from 2011 while Carrick saw a 51% turnout up 2% from 2011. Also 16 and 17 year old's were allowed to vote for the first time possibly helping to boost turnout numbers across Ayrshire.

All parties played an amazing campaign over the past 6 weeks in Ayrshire from getting involved with local communities to door step campaigning and it was all to play for but at the end SNP came out top with the Ayrshire voters while in Ayr conservatives held there seat for a second term.

The Ayrshire election results are as follows

Ayr Constituency = Scottish Conservatives

Carrick, Cumnock and Doon valley = SNP

Kilmarnock and Irvine area = SNP

Cunninghame North =SNP

More results will follow over the coming hours


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