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ADW&T Online - East vs West weather Battle Developing

A ‘battle’ is developing between much colder continental air to the East and milder weather to the West, resulting in somewhat of a stalemate situation at the moment. This is giving a very mixed bag of weather across the country this morning, with ice, fog, rain, hill snow but also a fair amount of dry weather.

Across Scotland it'll be mainly dry today with sunny intervals, but on the whole, there'll be more cloud than yesterday. Parts of rural Ayrshire, have a slight frost giving some ice, to begin with, but that'll soon clear.

Over Ayrshire, there's patchy fog, but this too will lift and clear through the morning. Although mainly dry, there'll be some light showers over northern Scotland at first and a few others during the day, but there'll be mainly in coastal areas. The exception will be the Channel Islands where a low over France is giving some rain that'll spread to parts of the South East during the afternoon.

Scotland also has some rain mostly in the West that's falling as snow on hills, but it's starting mainly dry in the North and East. Here there'll be scattered showers moving up from the South through the day although not everywhere will see one, with the rain over West Scotland breaking up into just isolated showers. Winds generally will be light and variable in direction, but it’ll feel cold in any breeze, with top temperatures mostly in the range 5 to 8C.

There’ll continue to be a few showers, which will be wintry on hills into the evening, but as pressure steadily rises, it'll become dry with clearing skies in light winds. This’ll allow patchy freezing fog and a frost to form again, with lowest temperatures generally between about –4 and 0C. Later in the night though temperatures will begin to rise over Ayrshirel as a southerly wind freshens, ahead of frontal systems moving in from the Atlantic.

Monday starts frosty especially in central and eastern areas, with patchy freezing fog. Some of this will lift into low grey cloud through the morning, while others see winter sunshine that turns watery during the afternoon as high cloud increases. In the West, any early fog and frost will quickly clear as a southerly wind strengthens, with cloud bringing rain to Ayrshire by the afternoon this spreading to most other western areas by dusk perhaps preceded by a little snow on hills. It’ll feel raw in the wind with gales in the West later but temperatures slowly rise to 3 to 6C in the East, but a milder 7 to 10C in the far West.

Eastern areas should still be dry into the evening, but some patchy rain and maybe hill snow seems likely overnight.

Elsewhere there'll be outbreaks of rain that should have cleared to scattered showers across Northern Ireland by morning. A southerly wind fresh or strong in the West at first should decrease somewhat later in the night, but although still colder in the East most parts will be frost free with much milder conditions in the West.

Turning colder from midweek

Tuesday sees fronts becoming ‘blocked’ over Britain giving grey weather and some rain or showers, but as pressure rises strongly, colder continental air will make its presence increasingly felt through the week. This could bring some wintry showers to eastern parts later accompanied by a raw wind, with some sharp penetrating frosts towards the weekend.


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