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Council Say Riverside Flats Residents Will Be Given 'Rehousing Priority'

Following the decision on 27 June 2019 to demolish the Riverside flats, the proposals for prioritising and carrying out housing for existing tenants at Riverside Place have now been agreed.

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In a statement posted to South Ayrshire Council's social media channels, they quoted the following points:

  • Residents of Riverside Place will be given rehousing priority.

  • Residents with particular needs, e.g. wheelchair users, will be given priority if a suitable property becomes available.

  • Future council new build properties which are available for general letting, will be made available to Riverside Place tenants in the first instance.

  • Residents who have expressed an interest to return to the Riverside Place site on completion of the new build development will receive a letter to confirm that their request will be considered in the future.

  • Each household will receive a Statutory Home Loss Payment of £1500, which will be paid following the move from Riverside Place. If tenants have any outstanding housing debts to the Council, these will be deducted from this payment.

  • Support will be provided to help residents with the move to their new homes, this will include help with removals, floor covering and blinds/curtains and reimbursement of any reasonable expense.

If you require any further information then you are advised to contact Housing Officers Amanda Graham or Shoina Watson on 0300 123 0900


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