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Apple users faced with iOS 10 update issues!

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which powers the iPhone and iPad, iOS 10, has suffered issues during its launch with reports of it “bricking” devices.

Millions of users have accessed the update, however, some users have reported their smartphones and tablets crashing. Apple issued a statement confirming a “brief issue with the software update process affecting a small number of users during the first hour of availability”, but this has now been fixed.

However, some users were reporting continued problems on Wednesday, saying their phones or tablets had been bricked by the update and they were unable to make them work. An iPhone locked in a reboot cycle which iTunes will not recognise following the update, while Engadget reported one of its journalists had suffered similar issues.

The free upgrade includes a variety of new features, including an overhauled Messages app with more emojis and animations, a new notification system for the lock screen and virtual assistant Siri being able to integrate into more apps.

Users of the iPhone and iPad in the UK with a compatible device – iPhone 5 and newer, or iPad mini 2 and newer – are eligible for the update.

Having been first revealed at the world’s biggest tech company’s developer conference in June, iOS 10 also sees more artificial intelligence implanted into the software, with the Photos app now better able to identify and show you photos in your library based on time, location, people and even the items in them.

The iOS keyboard has been given a similar intelligence boost, Apple says, and is now able to better understand context as you type, including showing you a snapshot of your calendar as you discuss making plans with contacts.

The firm’s Apple Music has also been redesigned as part of the update, having been criticised for causing confusion when it launched in 2015.

The new software will also come built in to the new iPhone 7, which along with the larger 7 Plus will go on sale in the UK on Friday after being announced in San Francisco last week.


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