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Ardrossan Coastguard respond to multiple incidents in Irvine


The Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue Team was called out shortly after 7pm yesterday (Saturday) to reports of a person in the water in Irvine.

The team responded immediately with Troon Lifeboat and Coastguard Helicopter Rescue 199 also being launched from Prestwick.

As the team arrived on scene an update was provided from the Police on scene that the casualty had been recovered from the water and was in the care of paramedics who were on scene.

The team was then requested to proceeded to the mouth of Irvine Harbour due to reports of further people in difficulty. The team proceeded and was met with a scene of chaos with a significant number of teenagers in the area with four of them having been in the water near to the Big Idea bridge.

This group had also been spotted by Rescue 199 who was circulating overhead in case their assistance was required, including fast transport to hospital for any casualties. The four people in the water managed to get out by themselves with two of them requiring medial attention for minor cuts and bruises.

Team members provided immediate casualty care for those who required it with other resources conducting a search along the mouth of the river and the shoreline. Given the numbers involved, it was initially unclear if all persons had exited the water safely with a search launched to ensure no other persons were in distress.

A short time later, it was confirmed all persons were accounted for and all all rescue resources were subsequently stood down.

We would like to extend our thanks to those involved who had effected rescues utilising the life saving equipment available at Irvine harbour and for ensuring the right emergency services were contacted.

If someone is in difficulty in the water at the coast, our advice is always to keep yourself safe and not to place yourself at risk - it's also vitally important to ensure someone dials 999 and asks for the Coastguard.

Irvine Harbour continues to be a callout hotspot for the team with a number of rescues having taken place at this location over recent weeks and months.

We continue to advise people against jumping into the water at this location due to a range of risks including cold water shock, and also the significant risk of being swept out to sea due to the strong current and also the offshore wind which routinely funnels down the river and out towards sea.

It's also vitally important that there's no delay in the right emergency resources being contacted and that people #KnowWhoToCall if there's someone in difficultly at the coast.

Earlier this year, the team put up new signage at Irvine Harbour in conjunction with North Ayrshire Council, to help minimise any possible delays in an emergency response to this area.


Search and Rescue - it's what we do.

In a coastal, beach or cliff emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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