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Ayr Central evacuated on Friday due to car blaze in busy car park

The busy shopping centre was evacuated around 10am on Friday 26th May.

Alarms were raised and centre management made it clear an emergency was on-going through the tannoy. 

A spokesperson from Ayr Central said:

"A precautionary evacuation was undertaken this morning the fire service attended & quickly found the source of smoke: a petrol leak in a customer's car, which has now been removed.

"Thanks to all our customers for your patience. #Safety is always our priority. The Centre is open as normal now."

Security prevented anyone from entering the shopping centre as Firefighters get car out from the car-park which is situated underground, below the shops. 

The loud fire alarm could be heard from the bottom of Ayr High Street. 

We're glad everyone is safe & well! 


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