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Ayr Central Shopping Centre Offer Valuable Work Experience to Local Students

Ayr Central is giving local students the opportunity to develop their skills through valuable work placements. The shopping centre in Ayr, has teamed up with The Prince’s Trust to give youngsters from Ayrshire College the chance to get a taste of the world of work.

The Prince’s Trust, which believes that every young person should have the chance to succeed, aim to help 13 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school to transform their lives.

Ayr Central currently has two students on work placements at the shopping centre. Abigail, 25, works in the centre’s administration department, while Stephen, 17, works with the customer services team.

The placements, part of the trust’s 12 week personal development programme, delivered in partnership with Ayrshire College, are designed to help youngsters, meet new people, gain practical skills and experience and secure qualifications and it was through this that Ayr Centralgot involved.

Abigail's placement fits in perfectly with this pathway as her role involves administrative work including office tasks.

“I really enjoy everything about my placement,” Abigail said. “It’s fun and I get lots of experience of being in the workplace.

“It’s taught me a lot of skills and given me more confidence, and I hope it will help me get a job when I leave the college.”

George Reader, centre manager at Ayr Central commented: “We are delighted to support students from Ayrshire College. It has been fantastic to see Abigail and Stephen’s confidence grow and develop in their roles and we are thrilled to be able offer that vital work experience.

“Our staff thoroughly enjoys having them as part of their teams. We look forward to working with the College and some of our major retailers on site to take on more students in the future.”


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