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Ayr Chinese takeaway warned to clean up it's act

THE Rice Bowl Chinese takeaway in Ayr received a warning after the visit from hygiene bosses.

A busy takeaway has been warned by inspectors to clean up its act.

The Chinese takeaway was alerted for cross-contamination and failure to clean it's cooking equipment.

Health inspectors saw an employee handle raw chicken, wipe his gloves on a cloth and use the same cloth to clean preparation surfaces.

The report stated: “You were observed rinsing cooked meat, a chopping board and knife under running water, without the use of detergent or disinfectant.

“Food handlers were observed wearing vinyl disposable gloves to handle raw food, such as uncooked prawns.

“They failed to remove such gloves and wash their hands prior to handling cooked food and takeaway containers, posing a serious risk of cross-contamination.

“One surface was covered with sticky-backed plastic which was damaged and the other was covered with cardboard, which does not permit cleaning, and was also damaged with exposed chipboard.”

Despite staff taken health & hygiene courses, one wasn't wearing the correct clothing for the kitchen.

Seals on the refrigerator were showing signs of mould.

Cooling times of food weren't recorded as the probes failed to deliver results.

The staff's toilet had dirt on it's walls, and wasn't very accessible.

And there was a safety risk as the electric cables on the deep fat fryer and the cooker were not insulated correctly, with wires of the cable being exposed.

Staff have been advised to undertake a refresher training course to ensure food hygiene knowledge is sufficient and formal action will be taken against the takeaway if it does not improve at a follow-up visit from South Ayrshire Council.


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