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March for Independence takes place in Ayr with organisers revealing over 10,000 turn out

© Photo - Ayrshire Daily News

A March for Independence organised by 'All Under One Banner' took place in Ayr today.

According to the event organisers, they revealed the official turn out number to be around 13,000 people, on Twitter. Many people say the turn out was 'more like 3,000' with A Force for Good saying they did a video head count, totalling only 2,672 people.

Thousands marched from the Blackburn Car Park down through Ayr Beach, then passing the old Ayr Academy and back down to the Low Green where a rally is currently taking place.

The march was re-routed at short notice due to an unsafe building at the bottom of Ayr town centre.

The organisers tweeted: "Official #AUOB attendance figure of at least 13,000 on the March for Independence at #AUOBAyr today! Well done Scotland!"

*Note: These figures were provided by the organisers of the event.

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