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Ayr MSP Chosen For Top Holyrood Role

Ayr-based MSP Sharon Dowey has been chosen for a top position on a leading Holyrood committee.

Sharon, a Scottish Conservative MSP for South Scotland, has been elected by other members of the Public Audit Committee to the role of Deputy Convenor.

The mandatory committee scrutinises accounts laid before the Scottish Parliament, including Scottish Government budgets as well as those of the emergency services and other public bodies.

As Deputy Convenor, Sharon will direct the Committee’s work ensuring taxpayers’ money is well spent and making sure public bodies operate efficiently, as well as dealing with post-legislative scrutiny.

Commenting, Sharon said:

“It’s an honour to be chosen as Deputy Convenor of the Public Audit Committee. The Committee does vital work making sure the public purse isn’t shortchanged and that taxpayers’ money is being put to good use.

“It’s about delivering value for money and making sure our public services are delivering for the people of Scotland as efficiently as possible. Over the course of the session, I’ll also be working closely with the Auditor General’s office to make sure every pound of public money is being properly spent.”


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