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Ayr Racecourse firework display will RETURN after 4 years

AYRSHIRE'S biggest Firework display will return to Ayr Racecourse after it was brought to a stand still nearly 4 years ago due to the lack of funding from the council.

The once popular display is set for a return and will be brought to you by the committee of the BUYMSH appeal. Tickets will be available to purchase very soon and are only £5 - get the date in your diary for Thursday the 3rd of November.

Complete with a funfair, food stalls and more - it looks like a fantastic evening.

Speaking to committee spokesperson, Maxine Allan, she said: "We are so excited to announce the fireworks coming back to Ayr Racecourse - they've been sadly missed and we're so lucky to be given this opportunity.

"This year will be even bigger and better than before - tickets will be on sale soon and we'll keep people posted on Facebook and Twitter as to where to buy them. This will be a great fundraiser for #BUYMSH APPEAL.


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