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Ayrshire-Based Initiative Combines Travel and Education with Launch of "Kaleido's Adventures"

Linda Hill Miller, founder of Ayrshire-based LAH Travel, and renowned children’s author Shirley Husband are setting the stage to transform family travel with their latest venture, "Kaleido's Adventures."

This innovative initiative aims to combine education with exploration, igniting curiosity in young minds about the vast wonders of the world.

Central to this new project is Kaleido, a distinctive puppet with soft turquoise skin and colorful scales. Created by puppeteer Sally Preseig, known for her work on CBeebies favourites like Button Moon and The Tweenies, Kaleido is designed to captivate children with his mysterious origins and engaging personality. Whether hailing from prehistoric times or another world entirely, he serves as a global guide for families, teaching children about history, geography, science, and culture.

"Kaleido's Adventures" is rooted in the scenic landscapes of Ayrshire but has a vision that spans across the globe. It aims to make educational content accessible and entertaining through a comprehensive online platform. The initiative’s website,, will host a variety of resources including travel videos on YouTube and educational materials aligned with school curricula, aimed at boosting children’s knowledge and enthusiasm for travel.

The project also includes interactive elements such as visits to schools and events with Kaleido, operated by puppeteers trained by the renowned Henson company. This approach ensures that children not only learn from digital content but also engage with Kaleido in a tangible, memorable way.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the project, Linda Hill Miller shared a personal anecdote: “I have a 9-year-old niece, and when she was booked on her first cruise, she had all sorts of anxious thoughts about her ship sinking. It made me realise that children have many fears and questions about travel. Kaleido brings new energy and will teach the next generation how precious and wonderful our world is."

Shirley Husband added, “It’s amazing to work on this project with Linda, who has worked in the travel industry for 35 years and has built a fantastic reputation amongst her colleagues and associates. We’re both extremely passionate about travel and our ability to inspire children to forget their worries, learn about the wider world and be inspired by what’s possible.”

Kaleido’s Adventures is actively seeking partnerships with travel companies that wish to engage with a growing audience of families eager to explore the world. This Ayrshire-born project represents a unique opportunity to showcase global destinations while educating and inspiring the next generation of travellers.

For partnership inquiries and more information, please contact the team at


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