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Ayrshire Entertainment: The trio are back this Friday with their new show 

The boys are back in town with there New Amazon car show "The grand tour"

The brand new show will air every Friday for prime members with the first show set to kick off this Friday.

The show has been long looked forward to by fans after Jeremy clarkson was sacked from BBC TopGear after a burst up with the producer.

Both Richard Hammond and James May where offered contracts to stay with BBC TopGear but refused and join up with there friend and Colleague Jeremy Clarkson.

The show has took almost a year to make since its announcement and although it's on a lower budget than TopGear the boys are happy with the new show and are sure fans will be impressed.

The Grand tour will see the trio getting up to there usual tricks around different parts of the world with high end sports cars and of course caravans.

You can catch the first episode from 00:01am this Friday but remember you'll have to have a £79 Amazon prime per year to watch it!


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