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Ayrshire having a splash of a time as heatwave arrives

Ayrshire seen its warmest day this year with temperatures rocketing to 25c as a heatwave finally takes hold of our weather.

People of all ages flocked to the beaches to make a splash in the sunshine although the clouds blocked the sun at some points through-out the day.

That didn't spoil anyone's fun and neither did it stop the temperatures fun of rising to a rather warm 25c in Ayrshire.

(Group of sun seekers decided to have a bit of unusual fun at Ayr beach) - Even raised the hands for the picture.

Tomorrow will see temperatures continue to rise as high pressure continues to take charge of our weather and Ayrshire could see even warmer temperatures than today with 26-27c possible tomorrow, especially along the coast where plenty of wall to wall sunshine is expected through the day.

This was from tonight's sunset of Ayr Harbour lighthouse from Brian Kyles.

Thunderstorm warnings have been issued over the next few days but so far it's been looking good for us with only Arran seeing a small storm earlier today.

(Temperatures succeeded the predicted 20c today)


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