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Ayrshire Network Timetable Changes from 6th & 7th January


Service 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9

Service 1 will continue from Ayr Town Centre to Hayhill turning circle with every other bus going via Ay Campus and Craigie Way. The service will operate every 30 minutes, one journey per hour will continue to Masonhill.

Service 2 will not serve Dalmilling or Hayhill. Customers in Dalmilling can catch the service 3 and service 1 in Hayhill. There will be a morning and evening bus between Dalmilling and Hayhill to Ayr Academy. The service will continue to operate every 15 minutes between Ayr, Prestwick, Asda and Hunters Avenue as per the current timetable.

Service 3 will operate via Whitletts and Dalmilling to allow customers in Dalmilling to access Tesco on Whitletts Road. The service 3 will operate every 12 minutes.

Service 6 will not serve Belmot, this will be replaced by service 7. Service 6 will continue to operate between Hunters Avenue, Asda, Prestwick and Ayr every 15 minutes.

Service 7 will replace service 6 every 30 minutes, this is due to low passenger demand and will be reviewed after six months.


Service X16, X17, X76, X77

Service 16 will operate via Whitletts Road in Ayr and no longer operate via Prestwick Town.

Service X17 will be removed due to low passenger numbers.

Service X76 minor amends to times to improve punctuality.

Service X77 additional departures in the mornings and evenings due to passenger increase.


Service 14, 585, 42 / X42

Service 14 will revert to operating from Ayr to Troon and on to Irvine, this bus will operate every 45 minutes. All journeys will travel through Monkton, Barassie, Muirhead and Loans. This will increase the service in Monkton and between Troon and Irvine, as well as a service every 45 minutes via Loans. The 14A will be with drawn due to this improved timetable.

Service 585 two hourly diversion via Loans will no longer operate but will continue on the normal 585 route.

Service 42 / X42 will have some very early morning and evening journeys removed.


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