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Ayrshire set for a sizzling bank holiday Monday!

BBQ Bank Holiday: Ayrshire to sizzle in temperatures as hot as Spain on Monday Ayrshire set to sizzle with 20C temperatures as we continue to bask in what could be the warmest May on record. Dry weather is expected for most areas from Saturday to Monday although Thursday and Friday will remain cloudy and cold. Temperatures will start to climb on Saturday with 18c expected and by Monday 21c could be very possible along the Ayrshire coast.

(Beach weather will make a return over the next few days)

Ayrshire Daily weather forecaster Chris Hendry said: "For the Bank Holiday weekend there’s a good deal of dry and warm weather to look forward to in many parts of Ayrshire.

"With highs of 20C which will compete with Spain and France over the bank holiday so it will feel pleasantly warm on the sunshine with very little chance of rain."

Temperatures will continue to climb over the weekend and into the start of June with Ayrshire seeing some of the best weather in the UK. Due to an Easterly airflow pushing high pressure over Scotland Ayrshire will benefit from plenty of Sunshine and temperatures between 19c and 25c with plenty of dry weather over the next few weeks.

(Latest weather models show high pressure firmly over the UK as we move into June)

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