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Ayrshire supermarkets and and shops suffering from panic buying as cleaning products sell out

Ayrshire's major supermarkets and stores including Asda, Tesco, Wilko & Boots are suffering from low supplies on cleaning products due to panic buying.

Supermarkets across Ayrshire have been left with virtually no Toilet roll, wipes, bleach and sprays as shoppers across Scotland continue to panic buy after the Coronavirus hit Scotland earlier this week.

Although only 18 people in Scotland have been officially confirmed as having the virus with only one of those in Ayrshire this hasn't stopped people from panic buying in worry that they will need to "self isolate" for 2 weeks if they manage to catch the Coronavirus.

However supermarkets and small stores are asking customers to only purchase what they need with the Scottish government saying "Scotland and the NHS is well prepared to deal with the outbreak" also recently supermarket bosses and suppliers insist that they can deal with the sudden demand of products and that fresh deliveries are being made daily.

Earlier today Asda and Tesco announced that stores will be limiting the number of products a person can buy with Boots already limiting the number of Hand washes and sanitisers at 2 per person.


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