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Bravery of 7 year old Ellie recognised at special ceremony

On the morning of Saturday 28 October 2017, 7 year old Ellie was at home with her mum Kirsty in Kilmarnock when her mum took a serious epileptic seizure and became unconscious.

Ellie’s mum had explained to Ellie about her condition and about the 999 emergency telephone system. When her mum took unwell, brave Ellie quickly telephoned both ambulance and police and then remained on the line whilst explaining to paramedics how her mother’s condition was progressing and the state of her breathing.

When the ambulance and police arrived, Ellie was calm and took them to her mum who was upstairs, she had already phoned her grandparents explaining what had happened and that she would be staying with them for a few days.

Ellie’s mum remained in hospital for a number of days but has since made a full recovery.

Ellie was calm, cool and collected and was able to telephone 999 to ask for the emergency services and save her mum’s life. She has already been awarded the Head Teacher’s School prize for bravery at her school but the emergency services wanted to recognise her fantastic and brave actions too.

Yesterday afternoon (Thursday 14 December 2017), Ellie and her parents were invited by Ayrshire Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Paul Main to a special award ceremony at Kilmarnock Police Office.

Inspector Sean Mangan provided an account of Ellie’s brave actions and she was presented with a certificate for bravery by Chief Superintendent Main.

Inspector Sean Mangan said “We were delighted to recognise Ellie’s bravery – Ellie remained calm in a very stressful situation and remembered the advice her mum had given her about calling the emergency services.

"By staying calm and being able to give information to ambulance and police, the emergency services were able to give her mum the help she needed quickly. We wanted to recognise this calm, quick thinking and say: Well done Ellie!”

Have you talked to your child about calling the emergency services? There are lots of websites available providing guidance such as:

(Eliie is pictured with PCs Roseburgh and Codona who responded along with ambulance staff to Ellie's call for help and with Inspector Sean Mangan who nominated her for an award).


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