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BREAKING NEWS: Ayr Marks and Spencer's store could close according to analysis

According to the local data company the M&S Ayr store could face closure in the new year.

A list of Marks & Spencer clothing and home stores that could be closed has been released.

The high street store is shutting 30 outlets around the UK and converting 45 others into Simply Food stores due to plunging half-year profits.

The full list of closures has not yet been revealed by M&S, but retail analysts say they have identified those stores at risk of shutting.

Local Data Company director Matthew Hopkinson told the Daily Mail: “There are 35 towns and cities that have more than two M&S stores either on the high street, in a shopping centre or on the edge of town in a retail park.

“If one removes the large urban centres such as London, Glasgow and other cities, there are 22 towns where one might question the need for two stores.”

M&S told the paper the list was not based on any official data.

It will also shut 53 stores across ten international markets - including 10 in China and seven in France, while pulling out of Belgium, Estonia, Hungary and Lithuania - putting around 2,100 jobs at risk.

The latest restructure moves come as M&S revealed more sales falls in its embattled clothing division, with like-for-like sales down by 5.9% in the first half.

We hope that this analysis doesn't come true as M&S is a great addition to Ayr high street.


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