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Breaking News - Ryanair to cancel all Scotland to London flights for 4 months!

Ryanair will cancel another 18,000 flights between November and March, affecting the travel plans of another 400,000 passengers. It will fly 25 fewer planes to cut the risk of further flight cancellations.

More than 30 routes will be suspended this winter, including Stansted to Edinburgh and Glasgow, Gatwick to Belfast and Newcastle to Faro.

Also just announced by Ryanair that all flights between Scotland and London will be cancelled until March. 

Earlier this month the Irish airline cancelled up to 50 flights a day through to the end of October.

It blamed the cancellations on "messing up" pilot holiday rosters.

Ryanair said that by slowing the monthly growth rate from 9% down to 4% it would avoid roster problems.

The decision will mean schedule changes and Ryanair says it will offer affected passengers alternative flights or full refunds. 

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