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BREAKING: Wetherspoon is starting to plan and consider for a reopening “in or around June”

Wetherspoon is starting to plan/consider for a reopening of its pubs and hotels "in or around June'' the company has announced, despite there being no current UK or Scottish government plans to ease lockdown restrictions Soon.

The plans are likely to be resisted by the UK and Scottish government, which has so far refused to unveil plans to ease the lockdown or even a timescale as to how long the process will take.

The chain's boss Tim Martin has been highly critical of the lockdown measures describing most of the restrictions as "over the top".

It’s currently unknown how reopening will work or if pubs will be takeaway or drinks only with no food.

All pubs and restaurants have been closed by government orders since 20th March 2020.

Pic - Wetherspoon Kilmarnock


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