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Cinderella Panto Is a Festive Cracker at Kilmarnock Palace Theatre

It is the most magical time of the year as Christmas gets us into the full swing of the hustle and excitement of buying presents for friends and loved ones.

The Cinderella Cast 2019

But there is one guaranteed pleasure that is sure to make Christmas special, and that is a Christmas Panto.

It's a family event, offering as much for adults as it does children and Ayrshire Daily News had the pleasure of being entertained at the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock with everyone's favourite panto, Cinderella.

You are instantly whisked into a magical land of love, laughter, song and dance, and It would not be fair to single out performances as the entire cast pulled off what has to be one of the best pantos we have seen.

Expertly written, directed and produced the whole audience was instantly captivated by the silly and very charming Buttons.

From there on you are introduced bit by bit to characters that are so funny and traditional in the real panto sense.

Just wait till you see the ugly sisters and you will understand what we are talking about, oh no, you won't! Oh, yes, you will!

The ugly sisters up to no good!

The comedy is fast with one-line jokes that gave us adults as much laughter as the children.

But that's the magical wonder of a quality panto like Cinderella; it somehow allows us adults to be children again without feeling embarrassed.

Incredible sets full of colour and lighting effects, wait till you see the transformation of the pumpkin and mice into a horse-drawn carriage for Cinderella, it is breathtaking.

If you are going to see a panto this year, then the five star performance of Cinderella at the Palace Theatre will leave you feeling all warm and cosy inside and full of Christmas spirit.

Tickets can be purchased for this years panto here