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Council Approves Further Consultation on New Parking Strategy

This week, Councillors approved that further consultation will take place on a new parking strategy which aims to ’improve’ parking for residents and visitors across South Ayrshire.

The strategy, developed by Ayrshire Roads Alliance, looks to standardise parking charges across South Ayrshire. It seeks to address various parking issues in our towns and villages and sets out how the Council will:

  • Ensure that parking is inclusive for all users with on and off-street charges aligned;

  • Ensure there is efficient parking and traffic management to support the local economy;

  • Ensure parking provision provides access to key services and facilities;

  • Safeguard access for blue badge holders, for loading, deliveries and for emergency vehicles;

  • Reinforce business and visitor confidence in available modern parking options;

  • Encourage low emission vehicle use; and Discourage irresponsible and dangerous parking.

The strategy also sets out how the Council will address future challenges posed by new legislation such as the Transport (Scotland) Bill.

Councillor Ian Cochrane, Environment Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said:

"Providing parking which caters for businesses, residents, commuters and visitors is always a challenge, but this strategy gives us a clear and consistent way forward, as we continue to cope with growing demand. "It's also crucial that we tackle climate change and champion low emissions, so the new strategy recognises the importance of sustainable forms of travel, such as walking and cycling.


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