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Council Respond as Recent Proposals Suggest No Diving Boards or Main Hall in New Leisure Centre

South Ayrshire Council has released papers which include details regarding the new leisure centre for Ayr.

New Ayr Leisure Centre
Photo: Ayrshire Daily News

The proposals are set to be presented today (Tuesday 24th August) to the councils leadership panel.

Some facilities currently available at the Citadel Leisure Centre may not be replicated in the new centre, if proposals are approved.

This would include stripping out the large main hall as the council say “Sports which are traditionally played in this type of arena can be accommodated within our existing sports facilities and our Education Estate.”

There are also no plans to implement diving boards within the new exciting leisure centre.

Council bosses have admitted that the costs have “risen significantly over the past six months” with COVID and Brexit.

We reached out to South Ayrshire Council on Sunday for comment, a council spokesperson said:

”Outline proposals for the new Leisure Centre are being presented to South Ayrshire Council’s Leadership Panel on Tuesday 24 August. At present, no final decision has been made.

“However, we can confirm that the proposals for the new leisure centre include a gym (fitness studio) as well as a number of other flexible studios to accommodate a range of activities including spin classes, aerobics, Pilates, yoga and circuit training. The proposals also incorporate a 25m 8-lane competition pool, a 20m flexible pool and a family fun area. It is proposed that some of the facilities that are currently available at the Citadel Leisure Centre will not be replicated in the new facility. For example, the proposal does not include a main hall as sports which are traditionally played in this type of arena can be accommodated within our existing sports facilities and our Education Estate. This will ensure that the facilities which are based within our communities are used more effectively to widen participation.

“The proposals are based on a significant amount of research, analysis and extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders. We want to ensure that the facilities that are being proposed for the new leisure centre will be better than those currently available in the Citadel and ensure that there is sufficient space to allow a wide range of activities to take place.

“Across the UK, the supply of materials to the construction industry is under severe pressure resulting in longer lead in times, higher prices and price volatility. Materials shortages are said to be the result of a number of compound factors: COVID-19 has affected supply from mills and factories; supply chain bottlenecks due to global demand shocks, container shortages and port delays; construction demand which rose quite sharply in the second half of 2020 after initial lockdown; increased administration at UK ports affecting imports and exports due to UK EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement; sharp rises in shipping costs and temporary surcharges. As a result, the costs across the entire construction sector have risen substantially over the past six months.

“We are working with the design company to ensure that we deliver the best possible facility while remaining within budget.

“We are confident that the new centre will be a fantastic asset and the facilities available will be exciting and attractive to people of all ages who live, work or visit South Ayrshire.”


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