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Council's finest art collection goes on display

South Ayrshire Council has put twenty two of its finest works of art on display at Rozelle House at the same time. This unique exhibition which runs until 8 September features artwork and sculptures considered to be the cream of the Council's collection.

Through these works, we can trace the links between their artists and the likes of Henry Raeburn, the Fauves, and Vincent Van Gogh. They also link to different countries, to global artistic movements, to specific moments in time, and to literature. The free exhibition includes the impressive painting 'View of the River Oise at Sunset' by Charles-Francois Daubigny, who is considered an important forerunner of Impressionism, and was friends with Monet and Cezanne and influenced Van Gogh. There is also a painting by Lucien Pissaro, the son of the Impressionist Camille who had links to Monet and Renoir. Lucien's painting 'Staircase, Garden at Eragny' depicts a view of the staircase and part of the garden at the artist's home in Normandy.

Alexander Nasymth's painting 'The Bay of Naples' is also in the South Ayrshire collection and is one of his finest works; he also famously painted the iconic portrait of Robert Burns, giving us the image we now associate with the Bard. Scottish rural life is depicted in works by the Faed brothers; Thomas Faed is said to have done for Scottish art what Robert Burns did for Scottish song. Also on display, and for sale, is a selection of work from Ayrshire College Visual Arts HND, which is a must see. Councillor Brian McGinley, Economy and Culture Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said: "This is a golden opportunity for the public to see twenty two impressive works all at the same time which has never happened before. "These precious pictures and sculptures may never be displayed together again so people should grasp the chance to view them.

"Each of these art treasures offers something different and hours can be spent in appreciation of the talent on display. I am also delighted we are showing art created by the next generation of talented Ayrshire artists." The free exhibition runs until 8 September visit link Fine Art is of one of the largest collections held by South Ayrshire Council's Museums and Galleries service. It is largely made up of individual purchases, gifts or bequests from local people to the former Burghs of Prestwick, Maybole, Girvan, Troon and the Royal Burgh of Ayr. Today, some of these works are now recognised as being of international or UK significance, and we are incredibly grateful to the original owners for their gifts to our communities.


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