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Councillors commit to working with communities during visit to Girvan

Local people and communities have a vital part to play in South Ayrshire and will be supported to achieve their full potential. That was the message from the new Council this week as Councillors from the new administration paid a visit to Girvan. 

The Councillors – Brian McGinley, William Grant, Alec Clark and Brian Connolly – reaffirmed their commitment to working with communities, which is set out in the administration's partnership working agreement, during a visit to the new Quay Zone leisure and community centre in the Carrick town. The Quay Zone is a great example of partnership working between South Ayrshire Council and the community, with both partners contributing funding to the facility, which was constructed by the Council and is now being operated by the community through South Carrick Community Leisure. It's proving to be a massive hit with residents and visitors alike, giving easy access to health, fitness and leisure activities. During their visit, Councillors also commended the Council-funded summer free lunches programme in Girvan, which is providing more than 300 lunches per week for children and young people in the local area in conjunction with Girvan Youth Trust, Glendoune Community Association and Girvan Town Team. Councillor Brian McGinley, Depute Leader of the Council, said: "It's great to see the difference the Council can make for communities and to really get a sense of what can be achieved when we work together. The Quay Zone and the free lunches programme are just two examples of the quality services being provided across the length and breadth of South Ayrshire on a daily basis that tackle real issues and make a difference for our people, including some of the most in need. We want to see much more of this in the future and we all have a part to play in making that happen." Councillor William Grant, Portfolio Holder for Lifelong Learning and a local Councillor for Maybole, North Carrick and Coylton, added: "I'm very pleased to stress our commitment to people and communities, especially those in rural areas, which can sometimes be overshadowed by larger neighbours. We have a responsibility to ensure people of all areas have access to high-quality services and facilities like the one we're visiting in Girvan – wherever they live – and we need to work with our communities and involve them to make that happen. There are many exciting opportunities ahead and I look forward to helping bring them to fruition." Fellow Maybole Councillor, and Chair of the Regulatory Panel, Brian Connolly said: 

"Vibrant communities – whether in our busy towns or our most remote villages – are at the heart of what we want to achieve across South Ayrshire. We all have a vested interest in every part of South Ayrshire being a success and achieving the economic and social aspirations we have for the next five years. It's all about people delivering for people and that's what we are working to do, day in and day out. The passion and determination are there – we just need to make it happen." Councillor Alec Clark, Chair of the Service and Performance Panel and a local member for Girvan and South Carrick, concluded: "I'm very proud to welcome my colleagues to this wonderful new centre, which is transforming lives right across the South Carrick area, and is an exemplar of what can happen when the Council and community work together for the benefit of local people. The type of bold and ambitious thinking that delivered this exciting project is exactly what we want to unleash in towns and villages right across South Ayrshire. That will help give people more choices and more chances and that will be at the heart of our governance programme moving forward. "Ultimately – just as the Quay Zone and the free lunches programme are doing right here in Girvan – it's about making life better and, collectively, that's what we're working to deliver."  


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