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Cruel owner dumps kittens in bin in Ayr

Animal charity SPCA is looking for a new home for five kittens that were found dumped in a bin in Ayr.

The Scottish SPCA said the kittens were found in Ferguson Street of Ayr by a member of public who handed them to Police who then contacted them.

The animal charity said they were 'Underweight and Dirty' but are now safe at it's Ayrshire Rescue Centre.

Scottish SPCA assistant manager, Lynda Hourtson said: "The member of the public told the police they had found the kittens in a bin on Ferguson Street.

"All five were underweight and quite dirty but they are doing well.

"They are around six-to-eight weeks old, so, it may be someone's cat has had an unwanted litter and they have decided to abandon them in a heartless way."

Manager Lynda also added: "Abondoning any animal is not only cruel but an offence.

"Thankfully the kittens are now safe and we'll be looking for new homes for them shortly."


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