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Duke of Edinburgh success at Loudoun Academy

A special award ceremony was held at Loudoun Academy for the young people who had displayed incredible determination to earn Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Bronze awards were presented to Elan Baird, Heather Craig, Junior Gregory, Emma Caldwell, Harris Keegan and Ben Wamuziri.

While Silver awards were presented to Reece Gregory, Daniel Little, Michael Little, Rhys Larmour, Cameron Bone, Sam Glendinning, Sam McVey, Ross Dunlop, Alexander McDonald, Finlay Mc Donald, Fiona Cuthbertson, Hannah Messer and Karen Foster.

It isn’t just their young people who are leading the way though.

The school is recognised as one of the best in Scotland for the way they deliver the Duke of Edinburgh award. Their success lies in the strong partnership between the school, officers from the Council, parent helpers and volunteers who devote a great deal of time and energy to the initiative.

Head teacher Linda McAuley-Griffiths said: “I honestly can’t praise our young people enough for the dedication and commitment they have demonstrated to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh awards. Their success wouldn’t be possible though without our army of volunteers. I am particularly grateful to our trained mountain leaders, Graeme Winning and Tim McArthur, and to Ruth Winning who is a Duke of Edinburgh assessor.

“In addition to the Bronze and Silver Awards already achieved, we have seven young people working towards their Gold award and a further four due to complete Gold this year. A wonderful achievement for all involved.”

Four of the Gold pupils will be setting sail on their final expedition, under the watchful eye of Willie White, the Council’s Outdoor and Sustainable Development Officer.

While all 11 young people, who are working toward their Gold award, will be doing their qualifying expedition in the wild country between Dalwhinnie and Ben Alder near to Loch Ericht and Loch Pattack. Peter Stewart, Chemistry Teacher from Grange, will be co-ordinating this expedition.

Special thanks were offered on the night to:

Julie Dunlop, Graeme Walker, Frank Kennedy, Gary Johnston, Angela Highet, Graeme and Ruth Winning, Tony Newlands, Tim McArthur, Graeme Murray, Sarah Dunlop, Grant Clifford, Marianne Baird, Tom Keegan and Kirsty Craig.

And to Kerry Dair, Kevin Wells, Willie White and Peter Stewart from East Ayrshire Council.

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