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Fatal A77 hit and run crash update

FATAL HIT AND RUN CRASH - A77 AYRSHIRE - 30 JANUARY 2017 Statement from Chief Inspector Criaig Linton, Road Policing, following the conviction of John Gribbin at the High Court in Glasgow on Tuesday 1 Februrary 2018. John Gribbin was convicted of causing the death of a 59 year-old woman when he was driving at excessive speed on the A77 in Ayrshire.

“I would like to pay tribute to the family of Joan Price for the dignified manner in which they have conducted themselves throughout the trial of John Gribbin, and prior to this when his co-accused Logan Knox was arrested and sentenced for his involvement earlier in 2017. “This was a dreadful incident caused by the actions of two drivers who demonstrated a blatant and utter disregard for the safety of others on the road whilst travelling at high speeds, and in competition with each other, on the A77 on 30th January 2017. “Joan was simply returning from band practice with a friend when her car was struck by a Volkswagen Golf driven by Logan Knox, who was racing with John Gribbin on the A77, Ayr, 250 metres north of the Holmston roundabout. A collision at excessive speed between the two had caused Knox to cross the carriageway directly into Joan’s path. Knox and Gribbin then both fled the scene in Gribbin’s vehicle making no attempt to assist Joan, her friend or others affected. “This has been a devastating experience for the family, friends and colleagues of Joan Price who was loved by many. It also stands out as a stark reminder of the consequences of driving dangerously and with a blatant disregard for other innocent, law-abiding people who use the same roads and the impact that this can have. I am glad that both have now been brought to justice.