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Fenwick’s outdoor science day really was rocket science

Neil Armstrong may have taken the first small steps on the Moon, but P5 pupils at Fenwick Primary School were the ones taking giant leaps this week, as part of an outdoor science experiment.

They were using a new learning resource created by the Council’s Learning Outdoors Support Team, encouraging teachers to make use of the space outdoors to teach science.

The concept was simple – a plastic bottle was connected to a tube, which connected to a rocket on the other end.

Jumping on the bottle sent a blast of air down the tube, launching the rocket high into the air – great fun and a fantastic way to teach science!

Provost Jim Todd was joined by Councillors Fiona Campbell and Gordon Jenkins at the school to take part in the experiment and also launch the week of science fun.

‘Science out of the Box’ builds on the highly successful ‘Literacy out of the Box’ programme introduced by the LOST team last year as part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge, looking at new and exciting ways to use the outdoors as a learning environment and a meaningful space for teaching.

Welcoming the initiative, Councillor Fiona Campbell, Cabinet Member for Skills and Learning said: “When young people have fun, they learn and retain more information and this event really was rocket science in action.

“Pupils and councillors enjoyed a memorable, meaningful experience that brought science to life and although my own rocket barely made it into orbit, the impact of this fun event on our young high flyers was stratospheric!”


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